Looking to create a special mould for your product?  It's easy.  Just leave it to us to:

1)  Design

2)  Manufacture Mould

3)  Source Labels

4)  Produce

Cedrus Plastic Industries offers you a turnkey solution to bringing your special product to life.  We understand that some companies want their products to stand out on store shelves and differentiate them from the rest. 


Here are some of our clients that transformed their products to gain their edge in the market:


Milco Dairy was using sleeve labels which limit the print quality that can be achieved as well as labels constantly moving out of place.


Cedrus created a new mould with a seamless design cancelling the upper edge and introducing In-Mould Labels for higher print quality, orange peel feeling, and reducing labor costs to install sleeve manually.



Help you in designing your product


Don't worry about sourcing the right packaging materials.  We've got you covered!


Using the latest technology in machinery, we will bring your product to life!

Cedrus Individual

A promise of individuality to your product.

Unique packaging created especially for your product,

draws customers in and encourages them to make a

purchase. It conveys the emotional world, the promise of

quality, and the value of your brand. A strong packaging

design that attracts all the attention in the aisle to your product and

gives it the competitive edge.

Cedrus decorates and produces your packaging precisely to

your concept and exactly according to the corporate design

of your brand. You benefit from the excellent expertise

of our packaging professionals and from the state-of-the-art

packaging techniques concerning design, functionality and

convenience. When it comes to special decoration techniques, our brilliant in-mould labelling technology is at your disposal.

From eye-catcher to bestseller.


Packaging is the most important selling point for your

product. Around 80 percent of all purchasing decisions

occur spontaneously at the POS. Attractive packaging

therefore plays a crucial role: It draws consumers in and

encourages them to pick up the product.

We created CEDRUS INDIVIDUAL as a full service for your packaging design in order to unleash the

full sales potential of your packaging. As a full service

provider of packaging design, we take care of everything for

you; from consultation to creation to creating print templates.

The Cedrus team creates your packaging design

for each of our standard or custom-mould packaging

solutions. We design packaging for you which appeals to

your target audience, advertises in the authentic and

emotive manner that your product needs, and is therefore

clearly recognizable as your product brand.

Cedrus Plastic Industries is a plastic factory specialized in injection and blow moulding with in-mould labels focused on delivering its' clients with the best quality at the most calculated costs and fastest production periods.

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